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This is where I place my photos now! \o/ “Recent” ones include Infinite’s One Great Step in Manila and DKFC2. :D However, I will still answer questions here so feel free to ask!

Do you know what camera or lens most fansite noonas use to take their pictures?

hi anon! :D (and yes guys i still answer questions here lol i still get email notifs, so feel free to ask!)

across all brands (canon, nikon, sony, tamron, sigma, etc), i think they usually use the 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. this is actually also the lens that’s highly coveted for its handy focal length and big max aperture. (it’s also why so many brands have their own version of it.)

for other lenses fansite noonas might use, i’m only familiar with canon at the moment, so i can only answer for that brand. i’ve seen some use 70-200mm f/4 for the lighter weight. others might use 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6, 70-300mm f/4-5.6, or 100-400mm f/4-5.6 for the longer focal length.

for the body, same as above that i’m only familiar with canon. for full-frames, a lot use 5d mark iii aka the super expensive (but very versatile!!!) pro body. idt i’ve seen anyone use the 1dx series (the most expensive body canon offers). for the aps-c bodies (the cropped ones/not full-frames omg idr what else they’re called lmao), they usually use 60d or 7d.

as for me, because i’m not as rich as them, i only have my 600d body. ;u; it’s tiny and not-so-pro but still packs a punch.

hope this answers your question! :D

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hi. um, well, i have a newly opened photoblog to separate my nonfandom photos from… fandom photos. i haven’t decided if i would move all fandom-related stuffs there as well. (i won’t delete kagu-luhan though, don’t worry? haha ;;)

hello i just read your faq. and i am so curious how you sneak your dslr to a concert. especially when you bring so long lens like that :s is it possible to bring it with just small handbag?

hi! well, it’s possible if you use a big handbag and i mean a really REALLY roomy one! i used an inconspicuous one (it’s salmon pink and incredibly girly lol!)

i honestly still don’t understand how (legit) fansite people get to sneak in their gears. they have stools and monopods in their huge backpacks. e__e;

for you, who's the prettiest member in snsd?


aesthetically, i’d say yuri! :D

Hi, don`t you have anymore SNSD photos? You got more of Exo than SNSD. Hahaha.

first of all, oh my gosh i am so sorry for only answering now! i have no idea what happened to tumblr. OTL

anyway, i’m afraid i don’t have any unpublished snsd photos left. :s and, yeah, i got more exo because, well, i’m an exo fan haha so i went shutter-friendly. when i get the chance, i’ll make sure to take more of snsd!

130119 DKFC EXO fancam compilation

Hello! Sorry for the delay. I’m pretty sure you guys have already seen other fancams, but since I still have these, I figured why not share them anyway, lol! These fancams were taken by my sister, ekajade (with same Twitter un), so everyone go thank her! :-)

Now on to the fancams! I’ll upload the others next time (MAMA, Into Your World, What is Love, ment/interview, etc) [edit] I’m done uploading them all! Most of the time, the videos are in full view of all the members.

Performances (in order)

Misc (sort of in order lol)

Enjoy! ^^

Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert // kagu_luhan

Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert // kagu_luhan

Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert // kagu_luhan

Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert // kagu_luhan

Dream K-pop Fantasy Concert // kagu_luhan